Our Clients

Our Clients

Think Local

As an official distributor, MC3's role is to be the operational and the commercial interface between manufacturers and IT resellers, whether they are specialized stores, large retail outlets, resellers or VARs.

As such, we provide our clients with the necessary support to guide them as they develop their business and technical offers or to respond to calls for tender. We also take care of handling and tracking orders.

The MC3 difference: manufacturers offer a variety of certifications for resellers. These certifications give them access to many benefits (additional discounts, training programs and more).

As a distributor, MC3 is a natural relay of those manufacturers in our countries of operation. We can advise, guide and accompany you as you become a part of these highly beneficial programs.

Are you located in one of the territories we serve and interested in our offers? Are you also looking for a new reliable partner with a large selection of quality products? We would be delighted to count you amongst our clients at MC3 and discuss options with you.