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We have various Cloud offerings available through our CSP marketplace. With these offerings, we assist our clients in their digital transformation. Through this service, we guarantee you the best software brands on the market. Come and discover our cloud solutions.
MC3 Cloud
Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) is the electronic distribution of software or data to a user. This new approach is replacing the traditional distribution of software on physical media. This distribution method makes entire product lines available without immobilizing physical stock, improving profitability and making additional sales systematic. ESD is for everyone: speciality stores, retail special resellers and pure e-commerce players.
IT services and support company launched in 1998 in the French West Indies by the founders of the MC3 group. IS2 is present in all the French overseas territories: Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia and Reunion. Each local branch is composed of a branch manager, an admin team and a technical team. In 2003, we opened a branch in Villepinte in order to better serve our clients in French Overseas Territories. This branch hosts the group's logistical platform that ships equipment to the territories. The company currently has over 47 employees.